Aari Consulting Services offers Complete Support

While many IT companies provide outsource IT support for small and medium businesses, only the Aari Consulting Services can offer your company complete support and reduce your annual IT CapEx & OpEx by 8% to 10%

We offer a multi-layered support program that combines standard IT systems support, 24/7 customer support and 24/7 critical systems monitoring to ensure that your business will always have the IT support it needs, regardless of the time of day.

Standard Support

Standard support is the most basic level of support available to small to medium-sized businesses and generally involves keeping laptops, workstations and servers working the way they should. Aari Consulting Services will take standard support one-step further and break standard support into a five-step program that consists of the following:


1. Assessment - Before supporting your business, we will assess your IT network. Assessments generally include meeting with you and your IT staff to discuss areas of concern before examining your IT network and making recommendations for improvement.


2. Stabilization - We will take the report generated during the assessment and take action to fix problem areas so that your network is stable and problem free.


3. Documentation - After your IT environment has been assessed and stabilized, we will create documentation that itemizes the assessment and stabilization steps. Aari Consulting Services will make this documentation available to you on a secure online client portal.


4. Standard support - Standard support involves keeping your IT network updated and patched. We can provide standard support as an onsite or remote access service, or a combination of both to fit your business's IT needs. Any time your IT system is supported, a record will be added to your documentation.


5. After Hours Support - Because your business needs its IT network to be available during business hours, the best IT companies offer after hours support for any time that system maintenance will interfere with the proper functioning of your network.

Critical Systems Monitoring

In addition to standard support, Aari Consulting Services offers 24/7 critical systems monitoring to track, log, and repair your business servers, firewall, and applications. Critical systems monitoring focuses on ensuring that your business's most important IT elements are functioning appropriately. With critical systems monitoring, If a problem is detected, a team of centrally staffed experts will immediately gain access to your IT network through a secure online connection and repair the problem remotely so your network is up and running with minimal downtime.

Customer Support

Customer support is the final component of a complete support program. We provide around the clock customer support for those times when you have a question or need help but don't have your IT company onsite. Whenever you have a problem, day or night, you can get help by logging in to a live chat feature or calling the customer care hotline. We offer small and medium businesses 24/7 support, regardless of your location, because they have remote access programs that enable them to fix your problems with a secure connection through the Internet.

No matter how small your business is, or how unique your IT network might be, we can offer you a complete support program that is customizable to your unique IT needs. To learn more about complete support, please contact us via email here or call  at (718)710-0458.

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